Soundproduction management

Loads of different aspects come into play with the organization, execution and load-in/out at a live event.

Every technical department is an indispensable link: lighting, video, pyrotechnics, IT and of course audio. Without sound a live production would obviously be impossible.

Apart from the many technical aspects involved in the audio department, there are also quite a few administrative tasks, such as designing frequency plans and applying for the necessary permits that go with it, or managing the technical riders at a festival so every band gets what they ask for. Obviously, managing the sound crew is one of these tasks as well. At Concert & Touring Support, Jurgen is the man who has been taking care of the sound production management for many years.

Sound production services includes

  • Attending production meetings
  • Assembling an audio crew
  • Establishing a crew plan
  • Establishing a production plan
  • Directing gear selection and planning the equipment in accordance with the customer’s needs and budget
  • Central contact between crew and production / production partner / technical supplier
  • Directing the audio crew on site
  • Tackling any unexpected problems
  • Monitoring safety during the execution of the tasks


Going on tour automatically comes with a whole bunch of arrangements. Concert & Touring Support can help you out with all of this. We work closely with freelancers who will get stuck in very enthusiastically.

Besides the administrative, financial and organizational tasks, tourmanagers are primarily the central contact for the band during the tour. For some tours there can be a combination of functions. In many cases our tourmanagers also take care of other jobs, e.g. FOH engineer.


  • Drawing up a travel plan
  • Making a tour schedule/tour book
  • Calculating travel & accommodation expenses
  • Calculating transportation expenses
  • Calculating crew & gear costs
  • Scheduling rehearsals
  • Visa applications & work permits
  • Artist rider advancing to all organizers
  • Show advancing to all organizers

On tour

  • Direct intermediary between the artist and the promotor
  • All-round confidant of the artist
  • Mediator in discussions or conflicts
  • Punctual adherence to time schedules (transportation/soundcheck and showtimings)
  • Arranging accommodations
  • Per diems
  • Scheduling interviews, meet & greets, …
  • Managing daily costs/expenses/revenues
  • Tackling unexpected issues
  • Reporting to the artist’s management

Let’s hit the road!

Backline services

With regards to backline, you can rely on us if you are looking to rent the right gear for the job. And also to hire crew to take care of the backline on tour. For our backline rental services we work with backline companies both in Belgium and abroad, depending on what is the most realistic scenario logistically.

Budget considerations are always important when it comes to backline, but we firmly believe that providing a full service in case of issues is equally important. That’s why we maintain a close professional relationship with all of our backline partners.

As far as backline crew is concerned, we can provide guitartechs, drumtechs and stagemanagers. No matter which crew member you are looking for, we have the right freelancer for the job!

PA Rehearsals

Preparation is half the battle, as is often said. There’s a substantial difference between band rehearsal in a practice room and a full-scale technical rehearsal with band and crew. The latter seeks to mimic the actual live setup, getting everything ready in order to program the show into the digital mixers before being taken on tour. During these PA-rehearsals, audio recordings will also be made so that the engineers can keep working on the perfect session on their mixer.  These rehearsals are often the ideal moment to implement new material or adjustments to the existing repertoire.

For the practical organization of these rehearsals, we not only work at our own location, but also join forces with concert venues and studio owners.