Soundsystem design & tuning

K System Engineer

Jurgen Vandewalle L-acoustics KSE system engineer.

The K System Engineer (KSE) is a System Technician that has demonstrated the highest level of qualification and expertise in the following areas:

  • Sound design and system measurement.
  • Extensive real world experience with V-DOSC, dV-DOSC, KUDO and K(K1/K2) systems.
  • A complete theoretical understanding of all Wavefront Sculpture Technology-based systems.
  • Demonstrated fluency in L-ACOUSTICS SOUNDVISION software.
  • Use of measurement tools (SMAART, WINMLS, MLSSA or equivalent) for system alignment and tuning.
  • Mastery of the LA-RAK/LA8/NETWORK MANAGER platform and DSP libraries.
Jurgen Vandewalle
Jurgen Vandewalle

Jurgen’s services as a system engineer range from conceptualising and designing the ideal sound system for your production or show to setting up and tuning the system on site.

In consultation with the customer we will check what the ideal speaker configuration is for a project within the available budget. During the design phase we can perform a very accurate analysis of the audio dispersion on site.

We have our own measuring equipment, consisting of:

  • L-acoustics P1/M1
  • Sony wireless calibration microphone systems

As an on-site project manager, Jurgen is the man for the job, overseeing the sound technicians during the setup, event and disassembly of the system. For this, he has obtained a VCA-VOL certificate (Safety for Operational Supervisors SCC).

FOH / MON mixing

When it comes to audio, Concert & Touring Support is the perfect partner. Our team is extremely passionate about mixing live shows. We can provide FOH as well as monitor mixers.

At Concert & Touring Support we are constantly looking out for and investing in the newest technology as to digital mixing, audio plugins, audio transportation systems, microphones, in-ear monitoring, … so we can embark on tour with a compact audio setup at any given moment.

Current digital systems allow us to prepare a complete show beforehand, which we make very good use of. As to audio, your show can be completely ready to go before the tour has even started.

Providing the artist and the crowd with the best possible experience at every single show is of the utmost importance to us.

Apart from live bands, you can definitely also count on us for your corporate event or business congress. A clearly audible speech by your CEO or guest speaker is crucial for your event.

We’re Your Partner In Sound

Live recording & editing

In today’s digital era, recording audio at a live show isn’t such a technical feat anymore as it was 25-30 years ago. Live recordings are used on our digital mixers to do virtual soundchecks. This way, engineers can work on and prepare their mixes without the band even being present. Tight changeover times have become less of a stress factor because of this.

At Concert & Touring Support we have all the recording gear needed to record your show to a high quality standard. Apart from virtual soundchecks for the engineer, you can get us to come and record your show. Afterwards, your recordings are cleaned up at our studio. We make an edit of every single track and put the files in separate folders. That way, things can be sent to a studio engineer in an orderly and organized way in order for him/her to mix/master your recordings.

Live recording gear list

  • Waves LV1 32/64ch digital Mixer
  • Waves Stagegrid 1000/4000 pre-amp stageracks
  • Waves Axis one computers
  • Waves Soundgrid extreme server C’s
  • Waves Plug-ins
  • Mac Computers with Studio One / Reaper DAW recording software
  • Shure/Sennheiser/dpa/Audix/AKG/Aston Microphones

Studio mixing & mastering

Apart from mixing and mastering your live recordings, you can also book a full studio session with us. We work closely with a number of professional recording studios and engineers. Depending on what the customer wants, we can look for the ideal location and crew to take care of your project.

We calculate a clear and precise budget, so there are no unpleasant surprises when the bill comes.

As well as the technical and administrative process of a studio recording session, we can also offer consultancy on artwork, pressing and distribution. Furthermore, we can help you in your search for a label or management.

We are happy to work with you on your project, from A to Z.